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My latest painting of a cemetery gate is, to many people, a morose subject.  I don’t see it that way. What I see is the art and the design of human beings that want to honor the passing of loved ones.

Inspiration for the Cemetery Painting

Where I live there are many civil war cemeteries so there’s a lot of older architecture to look at.  This is where I got my inspiration for this painting, I have always like the rustic older structures and stones.

So I wanted to capture that and I wanted to not make it too pristine. There is a lot of visual noise or texture that doesn’t relate directly to the subject that I’m painting. I find that differing textures and brush marks gives a “life” to a subject and that’s what I wanted for this simple scene.

My Painting Style

This painting is a lot looser than my normal style, I find that I like the less defined paintings more and more.  All the texture that by itself, doesn’t really contribute to the painting.  But when taken together gives me that raw “feel” of a place.

I like the way my mind gets to fill in the gaps or rearranges random textures to suit a subject.  That’s the best part when a painting changes simply from the imagination of the viewer viewing it.

I like the direction my “style” is going.  I think that a looser interpretation of the subject matter gives it more interest.  Like the older feel of a place or the corrosion of materials, it seems to convey more information of a subject without having to put in pain staking detail.

Final Thoughts

Now that Halloween has ended, I still have the scary, spooky images in my head. That’s probably a big reason that I chose this subject. That, and I like spooky ambiance.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I can’t wait until next Halloween.