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One of the mythical creatures that doesn’t get much mention at Halloween is the ‘Faerie’.  Though faeries are a popular costume and one is a co-lead in a very popular movie, they aren’t the first mention when Halloween comes around. Faeries are the Halloween concept art subject this time.

Halloween Concept Art - Faeries

So, where these beings fit in with Halloween is that, according to Celtic lore, the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest during Samhain. Since faeries are otherworldly beings it would make sense that they make their appearance around Halloween when it’s easiest to cross over.

Faeries – Good or Evil

I portrayed faeries as mischievous, trouble making pranksters in other drawings. So with that in mind, I’ve done this painting without the pranks and the trouble making. Instead I thought I’d be a little more subtle and go with the bluish skin and an out-sized shoe size.

I went with the, “you are what you do” metaphor. Since what you do or eat manifests itself physically usually on the inside first then in your outward appearance. If a faerie isn’t inherently bad/evil and they just love drama and a good spectacle, then I think blue skin and big feet isn’t too harsh of a deformity.

In recent times faeries have been portrayed as helpful, harmless beings and in ancient lore they were not so nice. But good or evil, they always had one trait in common and that was mischief maker.

My Thoughts

I didn’t want to go with ‘Tinkerbell’ and I didn’t want to go ‘dark faeries’. I just wanted a middle ground. Mostly human appearance with the traditional faerie features but with the “I’ll steal your shoes but not your soul” attitude.

Faeries Aren’t  Real … Right?

How do you find a faerie? with a flashlight … or is that for nightcrawlers. Either way it’s the light source for the painting and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch sight of a real faerie that decided to mingle with the humans this Halloween.

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